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Sharks: Hope the Fans Return

What should the Sharks do if their fans don’t return? Well, they’ve been pretty good in the past couple of years, but NHL hockey hasn’t been around for a good eight months. This is worrysome. The 48-game season is scheduled to start January 19th, just enough time for NHL Fans to buy their tickets. What if, however, some fans don’t return?

Basically, what defines a good team is their fan base. You enter an arena and it’s so loud that the other team just loses focus: the Sharks could really use this kind of support this year. 48 games is a little over half the season, but it’s just enough time to establish dominance.

The Sharks, without a doubt, had the best fan base in hockey. Their fans faithfully stayed by their sides despite some five-game losing streaks as well as hard times. Nevertheless, they were always by the Sharks’ sides, especially in times of need. The Sharks’ fans cheer their team, jeer the other and the refs, and point out blatant calls. They also cheer at fights, of course. This is the type of encouragement that old guys like Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau need. They cannot lose focus.

The Captain and his longtime veteran partner will surely give it their all during this 48 game season. The way they should think about it is that the whole season is the playoffs. Since only half the season remains, the fans need to be twice as loud. More and more will be buying tickets and fighting for them. If they actually attend a game, trust that they will be the loudest that they’ve been in recent years.

Luckily for the Sharks, the short season could possibly mean a deep run in the playoffs, as they won’t get too tired. There’s only 48 games. This season, although the shortest, will be one of the most competitive and hectic seasons in this decade. The Sharks could really use their fans to step it up.

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