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Yahoo's Sexiest GM's in Baseball: Beane and Sabean on Opposite Spectrums

September 21, 2011; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane at a press conference before the game against the Texas Rangers at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Jason O. Watson-USA TODAY Sports

Slow news day? You bet.

Yahoo! Sports had a little too much time on their hands and ranked the sexiest GM’s in baseball, 1-30. The A’s Billy Beane placed second, while the Giants’ Brian Sabean finished 27th.

On Tuesday, Hiroyuki Nakajima called Beane “extremely sexy and cool” in his introductory press conference, and apparently Yahoo thinks so as well:

The combination of All-American looks, an engaging personality and SABR-wonkiness is practically unbeatable. A year ago, who knows? Beane’s probably still No. 1. But we’re post-“Moneyball” now. Work on a sequel, kid. You can still be No. 1 again. Keep at it.

Meanwhile, Sabean didn’t do so well, finishing fourth from last:

He gets enough trophies for other stuff. Part of a San Francisco’s white-haired cognoscenti, which includes broadcaster Mike Krukow and former owner Bill Neukom.

At least he can have some pride in knowing that Ned Colletti and that atrocious mustache finished in dead last…


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