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Road Warriors Take On Kings: Game Preview

The Warriors were welcomed home warmly last night. After a very successful 6-1 roadtrip, the Warriors came back home and played with the same intensity. They beat the Hornets 103-96, and now they’re back at home.

Unfortunately for the Kings, the Warriors will have about half the crowd in their favor up in Sacramento.

The Warriors, who have been cruising as of late, shouldn’t get cocky, as they tend to do. The Kings are only 7-17, but are very deadly and dangerous. All time history, the Warriors lead the Kings 184-183.

Somehow when these two teams clash, there’s either an overtime period, or a very close game. DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans are both incredible scorers. With Isiah Thomas at point guard, and Marcus Thornton coming off the bench the Kings are more than set offensively. However, Marcus Thornton is injured and Keith Smart, as the Warriors already know, isn’t the greatest of coaches.

Last time the Warriors played in the Sleep Train Center, Klay Thompson lead the Warriors with 22 points in a 94-92 loss to the Kings, who are always on their A-game when it comes to the Dubs. Demarcus Cousins had 23 points and 15 rebounds.

These are numbers that can just kill the Warriors. This was, however, all before the Warriors developed their reputation as a dangerous road team as well as a hopefully developing superpower. Maybe Andrew Bogut, who is out indefinitely, was the cause of the loss. As inconsistent as Harrison Barnes is, the Warriors will need his offensive spark tonight.

Other than starting PG Isiah Thomas, the Kings are loaded in the backcourt as they have dynamic scorer Aaron Brooks coming off the bench. Why aren’t these guys winning again? It should be an interesting one tonight. The Kings are angry, coming off a loss from the Suns, and the Warriors are confident, coming off a win over the Hornets.

Game Predictions:

Matchup to Watch: Klay Thompson vs John Salmons

Player to Watch: Harrison Barnes, Demarcus Cousins

Leading Scorer: David Lee, 26, 12 Rebounds

Winner: Warriors by 4 or less

Probably Lineups:

1. Steph Curry vs Aaron Brooks/Isiah Thomas

2. Klay Thompson vs John Salmons

3. Harrison Barnes vs Fransisco Garcia

4. David Lee vs Jason Thompson

5. Festus Ezeli vs. Demarcus Cousins

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