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Sonny Dykes Vows to Reach the Rose Bowl

It’s the beginning of the Sonny Dykes’ era at Cal, and hopefully it is the start of many successful seasons to come under this new head coach.

Dykes was introduced to the media at a press conference today on campus, and immediately set the expectations high for his upcoming tenure:

“Everybody’s goal in the program is to reach the Rose Bowl,” he said via CSN. “That means you’ve won a conference championship. That’s why you coach. That’s why you play.”

Dykes led Louisiana Tech to a 9-3 record this past season, leading the country in scoring with an average of 51.5 point per game. A year before, the Bulldogs won their first WAC title in an decade.

Now, he takes over a struggling Bears program that has suffered three straight losing seasons under Jeff Tedford, who they fired a couple of weeks ago. Tedford brought the program out of obscurity when he took over in 2002, but has faced difficulties in the past few seasons that led to his removal.

“We will turn it around,” Dykes said. “It’s going to be a long, arduous process. How many years is it going to take? I don’t know. Is it going to be next year? I don’t know. What’s the future hold? I can’t answer that question. But I do know that’s what’s going to drive us every day. Every single day we get in our car and come to work, our goal is going to be to get to the Rose Bowl.”

The Bears last reached the Rose Bowl in 1959 when they lost to Iowa. Their last victory in the prestigious Rose Bowl was in 1938, when they beat Alabama down in Pasadena.

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  • David Thomas

    Wow! I knew our last trip to Pasadena was in 1959 but did not realize our last win at the Rose Bowl was in 1938. I saw a statue on campus that shows our last national championship came in 1899! I am so tired of the losing culture of our football program and ready for this team to get to the next level and compete EVERY year with the USC’s, Oregon’s, LSU’s, and Alabama’s of the world (at least be a tad below these programs – ala Stanfurd who is going to their third BCS bowl game. If Stanfurd can become a somewhat elite program then absolutely no reason why Cal cannot. Dykes’ teams light up the scoreboards which will bring attendance up at Memorial, he supposedly recruits well, and he is familiar with the Pac-12 and West Coast. He needs to hire an accomplished defensive mind for defensive coordinator as well as keep a couple of our existing coaches on board like Ron Gould, Wes Chandler, and Ashley Ambrose. Dykes should also bring the OC he had with him at LA Tech. I am cautiously optimistic and at least expect the Bears to put up more points next year! Go Bears!

    • goldenbaysports

      Thanks for the comment David. They say that defense wins championships, but offense wins games. Hopefully Dykes does bring in some defensive minded people, and use his offensive knowledge to lead the Bears to a successful season!

    • Pixilicious

      RB’s are completely useless in an Air Raid offense so it’s not likely we’re gonna need a RB coach. Forget Ron Gould, even if he wanted to stay (and I cannot imagine he would).

  • Elijah

    Starting to like this pickup more and more. Hopefully he can turn the program around because like he was telling CSN Bay Area, we got the facilities for a Rose Bowl, that’s for sure. Just walked by him today actually.

    • Pixilicious

      Gotta love youthful stupidity. Back on Planet Earth, meanwhile, we’re left with one mean sack of stink with this guy. The good news is that this hire is so shockingly bad that he won’t be allowed to stay around for very long. Barbour, either.

      • Elijah

        cool story bro.

  • Pixilicious

    “Rose Bowl”?? I’m just about the most rabid alum around and even *I* don’t think Goober can pull that off; unless they start taking 1-11 teams. Assuming he keeps his Air Raid offense, we’re not only short the O line capable of pulling that offense off but a QB as well. Bridgford can’t hit the broad side of a barn with a football and Kline might be the most promising QB since Rodgers BUT he ain’t no Air Raid style of QB. When you consider how the Air Raid inventor has fared in the Pac-12, though, people aren’t really the issue because that style of gimmicky offense has pretty well been figured out in the Pac. Evidently. Ya think Sonny is gonna do any better? With Bridgford? Yeah, right.

    “Screwed” would be a very good term for what Barbour has done to us with Goober and if you didn’t think Cal football could get any uglier, it can. And will. Sonny Dykes is gonna make us yearn for those relatively great years we had with Tom Holmoe.