Mar 16, 2012; Oakland, CA, USA; Milwaukee Bucks point guard Monta Ellis (11) during a stoppage in play against the Golden State Warriors during the second quarter at Oracle Arena. Milwaukee defeated Golden State 120-98. Mandatory Credit: Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

Warriors, Bucks Down the Road: Trade Review

Ever since the Warriors’ trade with the Bucks, fans have been uncertain of what Joe Lacob was doing trading away one of the players with the most promising future in the NBA. Monta Ellis for Andrew Bogut was a good deal, supposedly, for the Warriors, and a bad one for the Bucks.

Many now understand the need for a center, and with the draft, the Warriors have been able to fill in the scoring gap for Ellis, who averaged around 23 a game. For an refresher, the trade was Monta Ellis, Kwame Brown, and Ekpe Udoh for Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson. The Warriors traded Jackson to the Spurs for Richard Jefferson and TJ Ford, who retired.

Let’s take a look at the statistics. The Warriors and the Bucks are both off to decently hot starts, and feel that they’re ready for the playoffs. Both teams, however, are terribly inconsistent, which is a problem that the trade clearly didn’t solve – for the Bucks.

Record Comparison:

Warriors: 7-5. For the Warriors, this is a hot start, especially because early in the season, they’re over .500, which is a moral boost.

Bucks: 6-4. The Bucks are on the same track as the Warriors as they’re also over .500, and have two more wins than losses. However, they’ve lost two in a row.

Player Comparison:

Monta Ellis: 20.2 PPG, 5.6 Assists, on his way to an All-Star game.

Ekpe Udoh: 5.1 PPG, 3.4 Rebounds, not having quite the experience that he had in Golden State.

Andrew Bogut: 6.0 PPG, 3.8 Rebounds, not having a great start, but will definitely change once fully back from injury.

Richard Jefferson: 4.2 PPG, down on his luck because he’s injured.

Winners: I think for the most part, the Bucks and the Warriors have both benefited from the trade. By the time Bogut is back to full health, the Warriors should be unstoppable. Right now they’re over .500, and that’s playing most of their games without him. The only loser coming from the trade is Monta Ellis, because once again, he has to share a backcourt with an explosive guard in Brandon Jennings, and as proved in the pass, that can be problematic.

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