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Selig Drops F-Bomb When Asked About A's Move to San Jose

It’s been no secret that the A’s want out of Oakland. Owner Lew Wolff has been a staunch supporter of a move to San Jose, and judging by the half-filled Coliseum on most regular season games in recent years, the Oakland fans probably wouldn’t mind.

So what could possibly be taking so long? It’s been over 40 months (3 1/3 years) since the issue of the Giants claiming the territorial rights to San Jose has been presented to the MLB Commissioner’s Office.

Neither team has heard a definitive response yet, and based on Selig’s response to a question from the Sports Business Journal’s Eric Fisher, they won’t be hearing back for a while.

In a press conference with commissioner Selig, Fisher asked “the usual Oakland question”, which is for an update on the A’s stadium issue.

Selig responded by saying, “I’d feel very badly if you didn’t ask me. You’re not going to get a (bleepin’) answer, but…”.

Of course, the commissioner was just having a little fun with the reporter, as he knows that he probably doesn’t even know the answer to it, as Ray Ratto writes:

Selig knows he can’t answer the question, because the owners who will decide this issue one way or another haven’t coalesced to provide him one. And the questioner, Eric Fisher of the Sports Business Journal, knows it as well. It’s not an unfair question, but it is one that is ultimately aimed at the wrong person.

All we want here in the Bay Area is an answer sooner rather than later, so that the A’s can decide what they want for their future. Until then, all plans are put on hold and Oakland will be forced to conjure up Moneyball sequels year-after-year in order to be successful.


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